House Democrats are pushing for a floor vote on the ABC-opposed Protecting the Right to Organize Act. While a vote likely won’t come until after the Martin Luther King Day recess, the bill currently has 218 cosponsors (a majority of the House) and it would be expected to pass if put on the floor.

The provisions below are only some of the several of the bad provisions that the PRO Act contains. Recently, these were poll-tested by GS strategy Group for CDW, the ABC-led coalition that is leading the fight against the PRO Act.

  • Repeal all state-passed right-to-work laws
  • Limit an employer’s communication with employees about a union trying to organize that workplace
  • Require companies turn over sensitive employee records, like cell phone numbers and home addresses to union organizers
  • Limits the right to a secret ballot for union elections in favor of systems where a person’s vote is public
  • Limits the ability of individuals to work as independent contractors
  • Allows unions to strike, boycott or protest any company that does business with another company that is involved in a labor dispute

The polling memo can be found here.

REMINDER: It is critical that ABC members reach out to their lawmakers, especially in swing districts, to push for them to oppose Democratic leadership from providing a floor vote on this dangerous bill. A fact sheet on the proposed legislation is available here, and you can view the coalition’s opposition letters, led by ABC, here, here, and here. We also have the explainer video on the PRO Act, and even more resources here thanks to CDW.