Election Update – The Nevada Caucuses:

Although the final results have not been completed, Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada Causes with 40.7% of the aligned vote.  Vice President Biden ran second recording 19.7%, as compared to Mayor Buttigieg’s 17.1%. 


An interesting anecdote coming out of the Nevada caucuses was Sen. Sanders’ good performance among Nevada’s powerful Culinary Workers Union on Saturday. Sen. Sanders “dominated” other candidates among culinary workers despite the Union’s leaders’ high profile battle with and “non-endorsement” of Sen. Sanders over his proposed “Medicare for All” plan, which union leaders argue would completely dismantle union-negotiated healthcare plans.  With a decisive victory, Sen. Sanders has emerged as the frontrunner for the nomination, with several others failing to keep pace with his delegate count.  

The next state to vote is South Carolina on Saturday, Feb 29th. The Palmetto state is the final state to vote before More than a third of all delegates for the Democratic National Convention are up for grabs Super Tuesday on March 3rd. A recent poll finds Biden continuing to lead here, as he has all year, now with a 28-23-18% split over Sen. Sanders and billionaire Tom Steyer.