IRAP Rule:

As many of you have likely seen, the final Department of Labor industry-recognized apprenticeship rule is set to be released tomorrow and a recent report on the rule noted that the construction industry was carved out of the new IRAP rule and included an advance copy of the final rule (please note, we don’t know if this is the official version).

ABC has not commented on the report but will release the following comment after the final rule is officially released:

“The Department of Labor has failed to recognize that the numerous pathways to a successful career in construction include industry-recognized apprenticeship programs,” said Greg Sizemore, ABC vice president of health, safety, environment and workforce development. “All U.S. workers should have the opportunity to participate in DOL’s new industry programs, particularly as federal registered apprenticeship programs supply only a small fraction of the construction industry’s workforce. Recognition of alternative industry-approved programs would have expanded the training pool, without weakening or detracting from registered apprenticeship programs.”

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