Worker's Compensation

What is retro?

Retrospective Rating Programs (Retro) are an optional financial incentive program offered by the Department of Labor and Industries in Washington State. To help employers reduce their industrial insurance costs.

When you participate in a Retro Program, you have the opportunity to get money BACK from L&I based on group performance and individual performance.

Who doesn't want money back from L&I?

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about our group

  • We are currently over 300 members strong, paying 32 million dollars in premium.
  • 63% of participating members receive a Claims Free Discount on their rates - meaning they have the lowest rates available for their risk class.
  • The average EMR for our members is 0.75 (25% lower than the industry average) - meaning members are saving 25% on their workers' comp costs!
  • All members have an active safety program that include Kept-On-Salary policies and Return-To-Work programs.

why are we different

ABC sponsors a retro program that provides 4 consistent benefits:

VALUE: ABC's program generates company refunds with no up-front costs.

SERVICE: ABC helps remove the time-consuming frustration of dealing with L&I claims and other workers' compensation matters.
TRAINING: ABC IPC provides several monthly training seminars to Retro Members, so you can utilize ABC IPC to train your staff at minimal cost.
SAFETY: ABC IPC employs a Safety Director to provide advice and consultation.

claims management

ABC Retro members enjoy professional claims management regardless of size. We actively manage our members' claims! Our claims management services are located here in Eastern Washington where our members are located. We provide customized employee reporting packets with recommended medical providers. As part of our claims management services, we maintain relationships with vocational counselors and doctors to help bring your workers back to work as soon as possible! If things take a turn for the worst, we have dedicated legal assistance to help fund your fight with L&I.


For more information about ABC IPC's Retrospective Rating Program contact Sarah Cottam at or call the office at (509) 534-0826.



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