Register to Vote

Why vote?

In America, you have the privilege and opportunity to vote for those you would like to see in office. Please make a difference with your vote. However, you can't vote if you are not registered.

  • Recently moved? You may need to register again.
  • Encourage your employees to vote. Invite your county supervisor of elections to send a representative to your company.
  • Out of town? Call the supervisor's office to order an absentee ballot mailed to your residence. You can study the issues on the ballot and then vote by mail, and never have to worry about getting to the polls before they close.
  • To register to vote, or to find out where to vote or how to vote by absentee ballot click on the links provided.


Registering to vote is easy.

Voter registration is permanent as long as you vote at least once every four years in a primary or general election--and as long as you do not move. You will have to re-register to vote if you move to a new residence or have a name change.

Voter Resources

ABC has two websites focused on providing voter information for the November elections: