Business to Business (B2B)
Chair: Rob Benton, HUB International

Purpose: The B2B Committee plans and coordinates all of ABC IPC's networking events, general meetings, and special events to promote membership recruitment and retention for the chapter.

Chair: Arin LaMountain, Mountain Restoration & Protection, Inc.

Purpose: The Membership Committee aims to retain, recruit, mentor, and inform current and prospective members for the continued growth of ABC IPC.

Chair: Kyle McManus, Baker Construction & Development Inc.

Purpose: The Safety Committee will unite to deliver safety knowledge and education strategies to promote a culture of safety throughout the construction industry. The Safety Committee will develop and carry out the strategic objectives and goals for the industry.

Workforce Development
Chair: Jason Nelson, Vector Electric Corp

Purpose: The Workforce Development Committee will discuss , review, and define ABC IPC's current workforce challenges and develop various education and training programs, recruitment efforts, public relations and marketing messages that target the curent and future construction industry workforce.

Government Affairs
Chair: Neil Muller, Acrisure Northwest

Purpose: The Government Affairs Committee oversees all legislative programs, including activities, raising money for the ABC Idaho and Washington Political Action Committees (PACs), endorsement recommendations to the Board of Directors, and coordinates distribution of funds to appropriate candidates.