Construction Industry Training Council Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeship:

To register with CITC as a training agent:
$2,400 (Waived for Eastern WA ABC Members through December 31, 2020)
CITC apprentices have reciprocity with Idaho, Montana & Oregon.

CITC apprentices meet apprentices’ utilization requirement on State projects AND qualify as apprentices on Federal projects.

Craft Training:

NCCER accredited Craft Training through CITC as a state licensed private vocational school.

If an employer does not want to participate in the apprenticeship but would like the training, then they would pay tuition per quarter for their trainees.

CITC Craft Training only 2019/2020 tuition rates:
Western Washington: $1,268 per quarter (3 quarters to a school year)
Eastern Washington: $951 per quarter (3 quarters to a school year)

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