how do I become a member?

IPC-ABC membership is open to any individual or business that is involved, either directly or indirectly, in the construction industry. Please contact the ABC office for an application and then send it to the address below. 

Inland Pacific Chapter

Please contact the IPC-ABC Office at (509) 534-0826 for more information about becoming a member.

ABC Membership is Value Added to Your Company!

Based on the Merit Shop & Free Enterprise philosophy, IPC-ABC helps our members win work and deliver that work Safely, Ethically, and Profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they live and work.

IPC-ABC's Mission is to help your company grow & prosper.
Please renew your IPC-ABC Membership Today!

1. ABC Defends your company

No other association defends Free Enterprise and the "merit shop" like ABC. Period. ABC is on the front lines aggressively defending your business against over-reaching and unfair government regulation and unions. ABC is the only association fighting union only Project Labor Agreements throughout the country. If you are a "merit shop" contractor, then you belong in ABC.

2. More Business

Your company needs strong relationships to grow. IPC-ABC networking opportunities help you build strong relationships.

Click Here to view the Events Calendar to view upcoming networking opportunities.

3. Fewer Accidents, Safer Employees

CPR/AED/Basic First Aid Training, OSHA Training, and company safety programs, safety workshops, and more... All designed to keep your employees safe and productive.

4. Quality Health Insurance at Reasonable Prices

Health Insurance with great coverage at a very competitive price.

Click Here to learn more.

5. Online Plan Center Services

Access to the latest plans, specs, and project listings without leaving your office.

Click Here to learn more.

6. Resources to Keep the Unions Out of Your Business

Information and advice that will help keep your company strong and the unions out of your business.

7. Workers' Compensation Claims' Management and Refunds

Exceptional claims' management, help to get your employee back to work, and great refunds/dividends!

Learn more about Washington Retro or Idaho Workers' Comp.

8. Workshops and Training Seminars for Increased Skill and Productivity

IPC-ABC offers timely and convenient training to keep your company moving forward.

Click Here to view the Events Calendar to view upcoming trainings.

9. Big Savings on Vehicles, your Cell Phone Service, and more...

Discounts on GM and Ford vehicles. 22% off Verizon.

Click Here for more discounts available through ABC membership.

10. You are an Equal Member

At IPC-ABC all members are equal partners, whether you are a general, subcontractor, associate, or supplier, you have equal opportunity for leadership and influence. You help guide your association.