OSHA Tool Box Talks

Tool Box Talks Meeting Outlines

IPC-ABC offers a wide selection of Tool Box Talks for companies. These are a great way to help keep your workforce aware of safety issues on the work site.

Examples of weekly meeting topics:

Why Tool Box Talks
Safety Is Common Sense
Eye Protection

For more information about these topics contact the IPC-ABC Office at (509) 534-0826.

Electrical Safety

2018 Electrical Safety 1
Electrical Safety #1
Precautions for Avoiding
Electrical Shocks.
2018 Electrical Safety 2
Electrical Safety #2
How Can We Prevent Electrocutions While Using Power Tools?
2018 Electrical Safety 3
Electrical Safety #3
Be Aware of the Power Lines Where You Live and Work.
2018 Electrical Safety 4
Electrical Safety #4
Electrical Safety and
First Aid Assistance.

2018 Electrical Safety 5
Electrical Safety #5
Working Near High Voltage
Energized Electrical Lines
2018 Electrical Safety 6
Electrical Safety #6
Precautions When Using
Extension Cords
2018 Electrical Safety 7
Electrical Safety #7
ARC Flash Protection
and Considerations

Struck-by Talks

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #1
How Can We Be Safe
Around Equipment

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #2
Struck-by Incident

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #3
Work Zone Driving

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #4
Equipment and Falling Objects

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #5
Working Safely Around
and/or Securing Loads

Struck-by Toolbox Talk #6
Head Protection

Tool Box Extras

Focus Four Campaign Letter

Focus Four Trainer Tips

Toolbox Talk Sign In sheet


More information regarding Tool Box Talks is available on Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Website.